Second Hand Wesco Pecos Custom Morrison US 8,5 D

Second Hand Wesco Pecos Custom Morrison US 8,5 D

Second Sunrise

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These boots are made in USA, Oregon by Wesco who are considered to be one of the finest boot maker today. The Highliner has been recognized as the superior climbing boot since it's introduction back in 1938, and was designed and constructed specifically for power, telephone, cable utility workers and arborists. Because comfort is integral to safety and quality craftsmanship is critical to protection, these boots have extra arch support, heavy-duty steel shanks, spur-shielding heel breastplates and leather side flaps.

These boots are second hand and have been used. They are in great condition and will be good to go for many years to come! There are two things worth noticing, the heels have been worn down and one pull is torn, other than that the boots are in great shape and they still have the feel like they yet are to be broken in. The leather is very thick and sturdy and these will last you a life time. 

The outer sole measures 30 cm from heel to toe and the sole measures 11,4 cm at its widest at the front of the boot.

- Second Hand Wesco Pecos Custom Morrison
- Size 8,5 D
- Dark Red Color
- Vibram sole
- Stitchdown construction
- One Pull Broken
- Made in USA