Tanner Goods Standard Belt Cognac

Tanner Goods

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If you are looking to get just one belt this is our recommendation. The standard belt made by Tanner is designed to be simple and timeless, built to last and to improve with age.

The belt is cut from a single pice of leather with a thickness of 4 mm making it  strong and reliable. Our recommendation is to alway go for a belt thats made of one piece of leather rather than two pieces that are stitched together, because in that case the seams will break with time making the belt useless. This belt however will only get better with time and if something would break after years of use it will also be easy to repair!

To measure a belt you take the measurement from the buckle to the middle hole and that number should match the width around your waist. In that way you will have holes ready if your waist measure becomes bigger or smaller.

- Tanner Goods Standard Belt Cognac
- Made of 4 mm thick leather
- Buckle made of brass
- Wide
- Handmade in Portland
- Strong and durable leather for lifetime usage