Tender Type 802 Monk Hat Hemp Wool Cotton Bull Denim Iron Rust Dyed

Tender Type 802 Monk Hat Hemp Wool Cotton Bull Denim Iron Rust Dyed


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Tender is a one man brand based in England and the founder William Kroll continues to make beautiful clothes inspired by the history of durable workwear with a contemporary style.

What we appreciate when it comes to the aesthetics of Tender is that the appearance may look simple at first, but William is always adding smart and interesting details to the garments, combined with interesting textiles that feel great to wear. As far as possible all products are produced in England, from the weaving of the fabrics to cutting and sewing.

The fabric is a so called Bull Denim it's a traditional name for a simple undyed twill fabric, perhaps named for John (or formerly Johnny) Bull, the archetypal Englishman first depicted by John Arbuthnot in 1712. This interpretation of a bull denim is woven on an ecru cotton warp with a mixed weft of Yorkshire-grown hemp and wool. The wool fibre is spun into the hemp to provide elasticity to the yarn, and this weft is woven to the face of the fabric, leaving a smooth cotton inside to the garment, with a textured outside. The cloth is woven in a left hand twill, making it particularly soft and comfortable to wear.

Dyed using Iron Rust. This warm yellowish colour is derived from iron salts, or rust. Rust dyeing is one of the very oldest forms of tinting fabric, and can be traced back to the Egyptian First Dynasty through brownish linen rags found at Tarkhan, dated to between 3482 and 3102 BCE. Vintage 19th Century workwear would often have iron hardware attached to it, and discoveries of old utilitarian cloths have frequently been left with iron tools or nails, so these items often have yellow or brown rust stains on them.

- Tender Type 802 Monk Hat 16 oz Selvage Denim Achilles' Heel Indigo Dyed
- Made of hemp, wool and cotton
- Dyed with iron rust
- Made in England