Traveler’s Company #005 Passport Size Lightweight Paper Refill

Traveler’s Company

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This is a Traveller's company Notebook refillThis is a notebook refill that uses papers that are thin and light. This allows the refill to have more pages than the regular refills (80 pages) suitable for people who write a lot. The paper is thin and light but still perfectly suitable for writing, so please feel free to use your favorite fountain pen! The pages are also perforated so it will be easy to remove your notes or sketches.

Measures 124 x 89 mm with a cover of sturdy kraft paper, and can of course be used as a notebook in its own right as well. 

Use the #011 Binding Bands for passport size to insert multiple refills in your notebook to make it an even more versatile tool to help you out in your everyday life!

- Traveler’s Company #005 Passport Size Lightweight Paper Refill
- 80 pages
- Perforated pages
- Blank lightweight paper
- Made in Japan