Vintage 1969 Original US NAVY Wool Sailor Pants

Vintage 1969 Original US NAVY Wool Sailor Pants

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This is a pair of original vintage US NAVY Wool Pants. They are part of the all blue Winter Uniform, often called the "Cracker Jack". The name Cracker Jack comes from the Popcorn brand Cracker Jack as they have a illustrated sailor as logo. The pants are often called the 13 button pant, since the front flap that closes with 13 buttons.

The pants have been used but are still in great condition for their age. They have a high waist and wide legs. There are two small front pockets and a flap at the front, they have lacing at the back for cinching the pant. These pant are vintage but look like if they haven´t been worn at all. The pants are marked as size 31XL, measuring the waist to 40 cm equals a size 31" and XL are probably for the long legs measuring 87 cm, equal to 34".

Johan is 173 cm tall, weigh 67 kg and wears size W 31 / L 34.

- Vintage 1969 Original US NAVY Wool Sailor Pants
- Size W 31 / L 34
- From 1969
- High waist
- Wide legs
- Wool
- Two front pockets
- Front Button Flap and Closure
- Laced rear cinching
- Part of Winter Uniform
- Made in USA

All measurements are in centimeters and measured on a flat surface. The thigh measurements are taken 10 centimeters down from the crotch straight across the pant leg.


 Size Chart

 W 31 / L 34


Inseam 87
Front rise 37
Back rise 49
Thigh 32
Leg opening 31