Vintage 60's Levi's 501 Big E Selvedge Jeans

Vintage 60's Levi's 501 Big E Selvedge Jeans

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This is a pair of original vintage Levi's 501 jeans from the 60's, made in the era when Levi's used unsanforized denim woven in USA for their 501's. Even if the US production was picked up again for the LVC line in 1998, these Big E 60's Levi's are considered collectable vintage garments because they are made of high quality fabric and intended to last for a long time. These pair really confirms that it is a timeless style made of great quality that has made them stand the test of time. 

A neat detail of these jeans is the so called leg twist, due to the nature of the fabric and the fact that they were cut and sewn using raw unsanforized denim. The legs would have twisted when the jeans got their first washing and today this detail is synonymous with vintage jeans. Actually a lot of the Japanese denim brands do their best to replicate this detail on the jeans they produce today! 

The jeans are vintage and have been worn a lot and they are faded to a bright blue shade that comes from lots of wear and lots of washes! This is the kind of wear that a lot of pre-distressed jeans tries to replicate today, but in our opinion no fabricated fade can rival a pair of actually worn and faded jeans that have been around for decades. The jeans have been repaired below the back pocket and the top buttonhole is also worn. The knees are quite thin and may need to be patched over time.

- Vintage 60's Levi's 501 Big E Selvedge Jeans
- Button fly
- Big E red tab
- Selvage fabric

All measurements are in centimeters and measured on a flat surface. The thigh measurements are taken 10 centimeters down from the crotch straight across the pant leg.





Inseam 65
Front rise 25
Back rise 34,5
Thigh 25
Leg opening 19,5