Japanese Indigo Fabric Sold by 10 Cm / 3,93 In

Second Sunrise

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Indigo has been used in many different cultures all around the world and in Japan there is a long tradition of making indigo dyed clothing and fabrics using a variety of different techniques. This is a cotton fabric that has a warp made of indigo dyed cotton in two different shades of blue, combined with a natural cotton that makes the striped pattern. Some of the yarn is also resist dyed, giving small white lines in the fabric. The weft is made of a blue indigo dyed yarn. 

Please note! This fabric is sold in pieces of 10 cm / 3,93 In with the width of 35,5 cm / 13,8 In. It is perfect to use as smaller patches when repairing your favorite garments! If you would like to order a larger piece please order as many items as you want, and we will cut the fabric based on the amount you order. In other words, you won't get 10 smaller pieces if you order ten, you will get one pice of fabric that is 100 cm long and 35,5 cm wide.

Width - 35,5 cm / 13,8 In