Vintage Lewis Leathers Lightning Jacket

Vintage Lewis Leathers Lightning Jacket

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Lewi's Leathers is the most iconic British manufacturer of leather apparel made to be worn by pilots, motorcyclists and intergalactic super vigilantes. Yes, they actually produced the original suit worn by Darth Vader back in the 70s.

The Lightning jacket was introduced by Lewis Leather's in 1958 and it didn't take long before the model became the most popular jacket in their selection!

This version is an original vintage one, most likely produced in the 60/70s. The condition of the jacket is ok for its age without visible damage on the leather, it's still soft and pliable ready to be worn for some more decades. The lining however is in a much worse shape as you can see on the pictures. It might need to be re-lined or some repair work if one would like to maintain the original lining, but even if the lining is worn out the jacket is still good to go as it is as well. The Lewis Lightning is an iconic British jacket made to be worn when riding a motorcycle and it's functional design still makes it a great jacket to wear for everyday use!

Johan is 173 cm tall with a weigh of 67 kilos.

Vintage Lewis Leathers Lightning Jacket
- Size 38
- Red quilted lining
- Lightning stamped on zippers
- Avia kit label in the neck 


Width Length Sleeve length

Size 38

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