Vintage Original M-65 Field Jacket

Vintage Original M-65 Field Jacket

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The classic M-65 Field Jacket was introduced in the US Army in 1965 and was an updated version of the earlier M-51 Field Jacket. Some of the new features were a zipper in the collar  which contained a folded hood, and that velcro was used instead of buttons in some places. 

The jacket became popular because of it's functional design and it has been widely used outside of the army. Many versions of this classic jacket has been made through the years and in the movie Taxi Driver from from 1976 one can see Robert Deniro wearing an original M-65 jacket.

This jacket is a vintage original and it was produced in 1968. The jacket as been worn but are in great condition for it's age whiteout any visible damages.

- Vintage M-65 Field Jacket
- Original vintage produced in 1968
- Great condition for its age
- Size Medium regular

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