Vintage Swedish Army Survival Coat

Vintage Swedish Army Survival Coat "Livpäls M/1905"(?) XXL

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This is a vintage coat used by the Swedish Army, designed to be worn on top of the military gear during winter. The coat is made of thick canvas and fully lined with sheep skin. The collar can be raised to protect the wearers neck and ears from cold winds. 

This is a very special version, the closest info we found online is that this it is very similar to the first version of the Swedish Army vinter coat, often called Livpäls. The first version was called M/1905. This jacket has most similarities to that model, but it´s not exactly the same according to that models specs. Maybe this is a very early version, maybe someone knows. It´s very old for sure and it´s at least from the 1920's. The condition of the coat is as new, and it seems like it´s never been worn. It has the Swedish Three Crowns stamped on the collar when you fold it up, but it´s quite hard to see. We found a tag inside the front pocket that says St. I., but what that means is hard to tell. If we would label this according to modern sizing it would be a size XXL. This is a very big and roomy coat.
This jacket is second hand but it looks just perfect and hasn't been used a lot. The condition is really good, the only thing is that there are some brighter spots on the back. Please read our measurements to ensure a good fit.

- Vintage Swedish Army Survival Coat "Livpäls M/1905" (?)
- Made of cotton and sheep skin
- We estimate it to have been made in the 20s
- Two large front pockets
- Button front
- Stand up collar with chinstrap
- Made in Sweden 

Width Length Sleeve length
68cm 105cm 51cm