Vintage Swedish Army Survival Coat Livpäls M/1944 Small/Medium

Vintage Swedish Army Survival Coat Livpäls M/1944 Small/Medium

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This is a vintage coat used by the Swedish Army, designed to be worn on top of the military gear during winter. The coat is made of thick canvas and fully lined with sheep skin. It has lid buttons and leather reinforced buttonholes, and the collar can be raised to protect the wearers neck and ears from cold winds. 

This coat was released with small differences during the first part of the 1900's. some where stamped, some had sewn in labels and some came without. This one has a letter S stamped, generally the sizes where marked 1, 2 & 3. So the S might not be size small. Even though this could have been a size small or the smallest size. The arms of this is like a EU/US size small or medium, but the fit around the body is wide/roomy. This coat comes with metallic buttons and leather enforced button wholes on the pockets. The canvas is in good condition and the fur lining too. Although some damage to the fur around the collar can be found. Also there are stains in several parts of the exterior. Most likely it´s mud that will come out with wash. We would recommend taking this coat to a professional for thorough cleaning. 

As a curiosity we might mention that this jacket was used as inspiration when designing the coat worn by Bane in the Batman movie "The Dark Knight" from 2008! 

This jacket is second hand but it looks good, it has seen use and stains can be found, also some dame to the fur around the collar, but nothing extensive. Besides that the condition is really good for it´s age.
It doesn't have a size tag, but we would say it's like a modern Small or Medium. To make sure, please read our measurements to ensure a good fit.

- Vintage Swedish Army Survival Coat "Livpäls M/1944"
- Made of cotton and sheep skin
- We estimate it to have been made in the 1940's
- Two large front pockets
- Button front
- Stand up collar with chinstrap
- Made in Sweden

Width Length Sleeve length
64cm 95cm 44cm