Vintage US Army 1992 CWU-45/P Flyer's Jacket

Vintage US Army 1992 CWU-45/P Flyer's Jacket

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The CWU-45/P also known as the cold weather version of the CWU Flyer's Jacket was introduced as a military pilot jacket in the 70's. The jacket was made to meet the new standars needed by the army air force and the Nomex fabric invented in the 60s was a lightweight polyamide and fire resistant material that became the new standard issue for the pilot jackets of the time.

This jacket is vintage and has been used a lot but it is in great condition for it's age. The jacket has a sturdy Scovill zipper, the iconic small pocket on the side of the left arm. The two front pockets are also so called storm pockets, when closed the fabric of the pocket flap is folded on top of the pocket making sure that water can't enter the pocket if worn in rainy weather. The jacket is short and that because it was more convenient to wear a shorter jacket while piloting an army jet plane. 

Given the jackets age and purpose the condition is great, it has a small tear at the knitted edge on the front of the jacket but other than that the jacket is in excellent condition and will be good to go for decades to come!

- Vintage US Army 1992 CWU-45/P Flyer's Jacket
- Vintage garment 
- Size 42-44 Large
- 100% Armid Polyamide
- Two front pockets
- One small pocket on the side of the arm
- Scovill zipper

All measurements are in centimeters and measured on a flat surface. Width is measured straight across the chest from armpit to armpit, length is measured at the back of the garment from the neck down and the sleeve length is measured on the underarm from the armpit to the end of the cuff.

Width Length Sleeve length
64cm 64cm 58cm