Blue Highway Messenger Bag Veg Tan Leather Natural

Blue Highway Messenger Bag Veg Tan Leather Natural

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The Blue Highway Messenger Bag is a project where we explore how close we could bring production to us in a world where most things are made in countries far away. The design is more or less a reproduction of the leather bag carried by the US Postal service during the middle of the last century. It was made to be durable, hold a lot of mail and to be easy to carry.

We commissioned these bags to be hand made in Sweden at Tärnsjö tannery, a local tannery that was founded in 1873. They are one of the few tanneries that are still operating in Sweden and to this day they maintain a good reputation when it comes to making top quality veg tanned leather.

Tärnsjö also has a sewing studio with the capacity for small scale production. They focus mainly on making reins and other leather gear for horses but they also have the knowledge and the right tools to make these bags.

The Leather used here is a veg tanned cow leather with a thickness of 3mm. Tärnsjö only works with leather collected from the farms in the region, making sure that the stock has been treated in the best way in means of good animal keeping and following Swedish laws and standards. This bag is made of leather in it's most natural state. It is the kind of leather that might not look so appealing at first but with time it will age to the most beautiful look as you handle it. Also sunlight is a factor, so you can put it in the sun for a few hours and it will get a slightly darker fade.

Another ting with this kind of natural leather is that it's production is slightly more friendly to the environment because no color is used.

The last picture shows the same bag after four years of use.

These bags are all made 137km from our store making them one of the most locally produced products in our range.

Measurements: 44cm wide, 30cm high and 18cm wide.

Blue Highway Messenger Bag Veg Tan Leather Natural
- Made in Sweden
- Locally produced veg tanned leather from Swedish stock
- Based on the classic US Postal service bag
- Hand hammered copper rivets
- Buckles of solid brass
- Adjustable shoulder strap
- Two compartments on the inside of the bag
- Will only be available at Second Sunrise