Blue Highway Clothing Indigo Dyed Wool T-Shirt Made in Sweden

Blue Highway Clothing Indigo Dyed Wool T-Shirt Made in Sweden

Blue Highway Clothing

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The Swedish textile industry was known for producing top quality products up until the late 70's, when productions were moved out of the country as companies started looking for cheaper labour. A lot of the knowledge about garment manufacturing got lost in the years that followed and today only a handful of manufacturers remain in Sweden.

We are happy to be part of the movement that tries to bring textile and garment production back to Sweden again, and even if the old machines have been stored away for decades we think it's time to bring them out and get them running again!

Blue Highway Clothing AB is our in-store brand. Apart from these T-shirts we also produce hand made leather bags in Tärnsjö, Sweden and hand made jeans that we make in the workshop in the back of our store. In other words, Blue Highway is our project where we strive to move production as close as possible to our location in a world where most products are made in countries far away from the consumers.

These wool t-shirts are first knitted in southern Sweden, on tubular knit machines from the early 20th century and then sent to our store where we prepare a natural indigo dye bath and dye them twice to make sure that the indigo gets the desired shade. The main reson behind our choice to dye the t-shirts is that a wool t-shirt can be worn much longer than a cotton t-shirt before it starts to smell bad, but as wool can't be washed as warm as cotton can (and therefore won't look fresh for very long) we decided to dye them blue. Due to the small-scale dye process made by us in the store there will be color variations, but we believe that it only makes each and every one of these t-shirts unique in a beautiful way.

The seams sewn using cotton, and the same goes for the neck label because we felt it would be a shame to add plastic to the garment. As you can see on the picture, the seams and the neck label has also turned blue when we dyed the t-shirts. Unfortunately we didn't have the time to order new neck labels so in production we used the ones that we already had that read 100% organic cotton but these t-shirts are made of 100% IVN certified wool.

Blue Highway Clothing Indigo Dyed Wool T-Shirt Made in Sweden
- 100% IVN certified wool
- Dyed in store using natural indigo
- Stitched using cotton thread
- Knitted on vintage tubular knitting machines in Sweden
- Neck label made of cotton
- Made in Sweden

All measurements are in centimeters and measured on a flat surface. Width is measured straight across the chest from armpit to armpit. The length is measured at the back of the garment from the neck down.

 Size Chart

Width Length


41 cm 61 cm
M 45 cm 65 cm
L 49 cm 67 cm


54 cm 70 cm