Burgus Plus & Co. Supima Cotton Block Check Stole

Burgus Plus & Co.

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Burgus Plus & Co is a Japanese clothing manufacturer that strives to make contemporary basic garments inspired by the functionality and the culture that created iconic inspirational garments several decades ago. The word "Ultimate Basics" is the word that best describes this brand and their clothes are inspired by many different eras, intended to be worn in any era!

This beautiful scarf is made of Supima Cotton. Supima cotton is a word comprised of "superior" and "Pima". Pima is a variety of cotton that has extra long fibers, and Supima is a non-profit organization from the US who promote North American grown cotton.

So what does extra long cotton fibers do to the finished product? In order to make a fabric the cotton fibers are first spun, causing them to twist around each other to form a thread and the longer fibers that are used, the stronger the thread is. A cotton fiber that is longer than the industry average fibre is the basic and most important ingredient in the creation of a long-lasting garment, as it replicates the raw material used to make garments before fast fashion was a thing. 

The scarf is in a perfect length for wraping it around the neck a few times and it will help you to stay warm during the cold season while also adding a fine pattern in a butiful blue color to ones everyday outfit. 

- Burgus Plus & Co. Supima Cotton Normal Check Stole
- 100% Supima Cotton
- 176 x 51 cm
- Made in Japan