Tender Wire Buckle Belt Oak Bark Tan

Tender Wire Buckle Belt Oak Bark Tan


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Tender’s Wire Buckle Belt is cut, sewn, and foil embossed in England from leather tanned in England for 18 months with oak bark. After tanning the leather is heavily greased by hand, to keep it strong and supple. This will rub off easily, and is a desireable characteristic of this natural product.

The buckle is hand cast from solid brass in England, using the lost wax method.

The belt is cut from a single pice of leather with a thickness of 5 mm making it  strong and reliable. Our recommendation is to alway go for a belt thats made of one piece of leather rather than two pieces that are stitched together, because in that case the seams will break with time making the belt useless. This belt however will only get better with time and if something would break after years of use it will also be easy to repair!

See the last picture for a comparison, our friend Björn has worn his belt for a few years now and it i has aged in a personal and beautiful way that only can be achieved with time and lots of wear!

To mesure a belt you take the measure from the buckle to the middle hole and that number should match the with around your waist. In that way you will have holes reddy if you'r waist measure would became bigger or smaller.

Tender Wire Buckle Belt Oak Bark Tan
- Genuin leather, oak tanned for 18 month
- 3,7cm wide
- Brass buckle made using lost wax method
- Made in England