Warpath Floral Pattern Belt

Warpath Floral Pattern Belt


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These Floral Pattern studded leather belts are all handmade for Second Sunrise by our friend Matt Strickland in Detroit! The studded belts are synonymous with mid 20th century alternative lifestyle and we love how the shiny metal studs look combined with a pair of well-worn jeans. Matt colors these belts by hand and with time the black will fade, showing traces of the brown leather underneath the paint giving a patina that can only be achieved with years of usage. The same goes for the brass studs, that will get a shiny patina after some time of usage. 

The colored stones are randomly placed so no belt will look just like the other, making each and everyone unique. 

To measure a belt you take the measurement from the middle of the buckle to the middle hole and that measurement should match the width around your waist. That way you will have holes ready if your waist measurement becomes bigger or smaller.

- Warpath Floral Pattern Belt
- 100% Leather
- Hand studded
- Hand painted black belt
- Only available in our store
- Handmade in Detroit