Vintage Dead Stock British Army Navy Canvas Bag 1953

Vintage Dead Stock British Army Navy Canvas Bag 1953

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These are vintage canvas bags issued for the British army in 1953. They are dead stock and have never been used. The material is a thick and heavy navy colored canvas fabric and  the bag can be closed using a rope that runs through twelve brass eyelets. The bottom of the bag is dubble layered for extra durability and at the top of the bag there is also a flap that covers the opening and prevents moister from getting through while also making sure that nothing falls out. On the inside the bag is stenciled with the text C. D. 46 (F.S. 6S) L. J. J. 1953. It also has the so called Broad Arrow, most comonly used by the British government to mark government property.

Please note that these bags are vintage and have been stored for years, so they might have that distinct vintage smell. It's not strong however, and will air out when the bag is washed or used for a while. Some small stains may occur but there are no major stains or holes. 

Length - 75 cm
Width - 47 cm
Bottom diameter - 29 cm

- Dead Stock British Army Navy Canvas Bag 1953
- Oblong Shape
- Made of thick cotton canvas
- Closes with a rope
- Twelve brass eyelets
- Dubble layers in the bottom
- Stencil prints on the inside