Munqa Newtive Smile Silver Bangle Large

Munqa Newtive Smile Silver Bangle Large


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This small Tokyo based brand is all handmade in Japan. The word Newtive really describes the aesthetics of Munqa that comes from mixing classic native american jewelry, popular culture and a large pinch of playfulness to make contemporary jewelry intended to spread joy and happiness!

This hand made silver bracelet has a total number of five smileys stamped on the front. Usually this kind of stamps are called concha and are commonly shaped as a shell, so we decided to call these smiley conchas!

The opening of this bracelet might seem quite small but don't let that put you off. Take it on about 1,5 inch above your wrist, where the sinews of the arm is more flexible and that should do the trick! 

If you need to change the size of the bracelet that can be easily done, but take care not to rush the process. The proper way to do it is to warm the bracelet in your hands and then give it a slight squeeze to close it or bend to open it, and then let it rest until the next day. Repeat the process until you are happy with the result! 

- Munqa Newtive Smile Silver Bangle Large
- Measures 15 cm (measured on the inside)
- 2,1 cm wide
- Hand made by Munqa in Japan
- Made of 925 silver