Polarexpeditionernas Proviant 1872-1949 Book

Second Sunrise

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For the first time ever, you can finally read about how about a dozen of important expeditions to the Arctic and Antarctica between the years of 1872 and 1949, solved their food issue. Here's the book that will teach you all about seal meat, penguin diet and old luxurious canned food.

Have you ever wondered about why you should store your saltwater marinated polar bear meat as close to your bare skin as possible? This book will give you the answer.

Most of the polar travelers didn't have to starve even tough some experience tough times during their journeys. But back at the base, they had greatest of feasts with freshly baked scones with loads of butter.

Please note that this book is written in Swedish! But it also features a lot of interesting pictures for the one interested in the topic.

An interview with Karl-Gunnar can be found Here! 

- Polarexpeditionernas proviant 1872-1949
- 364 pages
- Black and white pictures
- Written in Swedish

- Autor: Karl-Gunnar Norén
- Publisher: Nilsen & Norén Förlag
- Illustrations: Per Lindroos
- Form: Niklas Alveskog