Second Hand Wrangler Embroidered Denim Jacket

Second Hand Wrangler Embroidered Denim Jacket

Second Sunrise

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This Wrangler jacket is a homage of a classic Wrangler Blue Bell jacket from the late 40´s. One of the most iconic details is the so called action-back, the folded fabric at the shoulders that gives you freedom to move while still keeping the silhouette slim. The detail was also common on motorcycle jackets in the 40/50s where the idea is just the same. The pleated front is also a way to give the otherwise sturdy denim fabric some flexibility and the dots that keep the fold in place are built up by closely spaces stitches, a detail that has proven to stand the test of time compared to many other solutions, where more loosely spaced stitches come out after a decade or two and rivets rand to eat a hole in the fabric as the wearer moves through life.

The jacket has a single breast pocket and two hand warmer pockets and a zipper on the front. The back has a beautiful machine made Wrangler jeans embroidery.

The denim is a 
broken twill fabric, wich means that it is woven in a mixture of right hand and left hand twill. This creates a zig-zag pattern that can be seen easiest on the back of the fabric, and that is characteristic for broken twill. The fabric was invented in order to prevent the "leg twist", a phenomenon that appears when raw denim jeans are washed for the first time. When the fabric gets wet, the fibers in a raw denim twill will start to twist in the direction of the twill, resulting in a side seam that twists around the leg. 

Broken twill, however, does not have this problem because there are no continuous twill direction in the fabric, so even if the fibers do twist, they are met by fibers that twist the other way. 

This jacket is used but in a very good condition. The fades are pre distressed and it looks like it hasn't been used much at all.

Douglas is 180 cm tall with a weigh of 84 kilos.

- Second Hand Wrangler Embroidered Denim Jacket
- Size M
- Broken twill denim
- 100% cotton
- Embroidered on the back
- One chest pocket
- Two hand warmer pockets

 are in centimeters and measured on a flat surface. The sleeve length is measured from armpit to the end of  the cuff.


Width Length Sleeve

Size M

53cm 62cm 53cm