Vintage 1950s Sheepskin Mark VI Flying Jacket

Vintage 1950s Sheepskin Mark VI Flying Jacket

Second Sunrise

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This is a vintage original British made Aviator Mark VI Flying Jacket from the 50's. Intended to be a warm and protective jacket worn by pilots through out ww2.  

This jacket is vintage but in good condition. The surface of the leather is painted in a dark brown almost black color and the top layer has small cracks in some places, like the ones you see above the right hand pocket. Most of these scratches are only on the surface but on the left hand pocket and on the left arm there are two small holes. The right hand sleeve has a broken zipper as well, it is closed and you wont need to open it to put on the jacket so the function is stil there. 

- Vintage 1950s Sheepskin Mark VI Flying Jacket
- Made sheep skin leather
- Clix zipper
- Two front pockets
- Zippers at the end of cuff
- No makers mark

All measurements are in centimeters and measured on a flat surface. Width is measured straight across the chest from armpit to armpit, length is measured at the back of the garment from the neck down and the sleeve length is measured on the underarm from the armpit to the end of the cuff.

Width Length Sleeve length
57cm 70cm 50cm