Vintage John R. Trujillo's Weaving House Chimayo Vest

Vintage John R. Trujillo's Weaving House Chimayo Vest

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This is a woolen vest that was made in in the village Chimayo, New Mexico, where the tradition of weaving patterned textiles has been passed down through generations for over four centuries and the unique patterns produced there are known all over the world.

The history behind this weaving tradition goes back to the 1540's when the Churro sheep were valued more for their wool than as food and the Chimayo settlers brought them when they reached New Mexico.
In the 1840's woolen blankets were in high demand and weaving them was a way to make a living in the region and it is estimated that tens of thousands wool blankets were shipped from New Mexico during this time. Sadly after some decades success the the weavers and their creations fell off the map, and it wasn't until the early 1900'th century that weavers from Santa Fe came up with a new design that consisted of two simple stripes and a center design. This design became known as the "Chimayo design", bringing new life to the weaving tradition in New Mexico that has proven to be appreciated by many up until this day.

The Trujillo's Weaving Hose is a family-owned business that is manufacturing handwoven Spanish Colonial textile products in Chimayo.

This vest is Vintage / second hand and it i's hard to appreciate the age of it, but  the synthetic material used to cover up the edges on the inside tells us that it isn't super old. The vest has three handmade large concha buttons on the front and we are not sure of what kind of material they are made of, it's metal but we can't tell what kind. The condition of the vest is just perfect and there is no visible damage to it.

- Vintage John R. Trujillo's Weaving House Chimayo Vest
- Second hand garment
- Hand woven by Trujillo's weaving house in Chimayo, New Mexico
- Three large concha buttons
- Two front pockets
- John R. Trujillo's label on the inside of the vest



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