Vintage Swedish Army Wool Beret

Vintage Swedish Army Wool Beret

Second Sunrise

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Vintage wool beret issued for the Swedish army back in the days. The fabric is made of 100% wool with a thinner lining and leather headband. The beret has two eyelets on one side for ventilation. If your head size is in between 55 cm to 57 cm this will fit you, if it's slightly tight just wet it and wear it and you will get a perfect fit. 

Please note that these berets are vintage and have been stored for years so they might have that distinct vintage smell. It's not strong however, and will probably air out when the beret is worn in fresh air for a while.

- Vintage Swedish Army Wool Beret
- 100% Pure wool
- Size 55 cm - 57 cm
- Deep navy color
- Made in France