Warehouse & Co Lot 2000XX Dead Stock Blue Jacket Rinsed

Warehouse & Co Lot 2000XX Dead Stock Blue Jacket Rinsed

Warehouse & Co

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This jacket is made in Japan by Warehouse & Co. Warehouse is known for making some of the best vintage replica garments in the world and their attention to details when it comes to material and manufacturing techniques makes it hard to tell the difference if you compare a Warehouse garment with an actual vintage piece.

Warehouse celebrates its 25th anniversary with a limit edition of their iconic Lot 2000XX jacket. To fully understand this product, we must jump back in time. Before the start of the brand in 1995, the founders visited USA to collect vintage garments for inspiration and on one occasion visiting a vintage dealer, they received the answer "What you are looking for is in the warehouse" hence the name of the brand. 

In a time when denim was becoming more and more popular in Japan the youth were looking for original vintage jeans made in USA back in the 40s 50s. They were looking to get that genuine style associated with the hey days of denim. In the 80's Levi's made decisions that came to lower the quality and durability that denim became known for and when original vintage garments became harder to find a new era for Japanese denim was born. Five brands became known as the "Osaka five" and Warehouse was one of those brands!

All these brands was influenced by the most iconic denim products ever made one of them being the Levi's 506xx jacket also known as the "Type one jacket". With its signatures such as the short and wide fit, a single front pocket, a buckle on the lower back and the pleated front it is still considered one of the most sought after jackets for vintage collectors.The jacket's design looked more or less the same from the early 20th century until 1953 when its successor 507xx made its entrance.

Considering how difficult it is to find an original 506xx jacket today, we are grateful that Warehouse recreates this classic jacket in an incredibly fine quality. Wear it for years and it will eventually become tomorrows vintage!

The Dead Stock Blue aims to recreate the feeling and indigo shade of unused denim after being stored since the mid 20th century. According to the creators of Warehouse Indigo will oxidize over the years and change it´s color and that shade is what Warehouse refers to as Dead Stock Blue. 

Regarding the sizes of these jackets, this one is rinsed and won´t shrink more.

Dan is 185cm tall and weighs 84 kilos, he wears a size 40.

- Warehouse & Co Lot 1000XX Dead Stock Blue
- 100% Cotton
- Rinsed, won´t shrink.
- Warehouse & Co veg tanned deerskin leather patch
- Single front pocket
- Pleated front
- Made in Japan

All measurements are in centimeters and measured on a flat surface. The thigh measurements are taken 10 centimeters down from the crotch straight across the pant leg.


 Size Chart Width Length Sleeve Length
40 56cm 62cm 56cm